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Pizza Quest

Booth Main Exhibition
Team Lazerbeam

Pizza quest throws the player into the deep end – a choice of three paths. From there on out, the game tries at every turn to make the player wonder if they've made the wrong choice, if they should maybe turn back. In reality, a happy ending lies at the end of every path - if you stick to it! But turn back on your chosen path, and certain death lies somewhere in the wasteland. In Pizza Quest, doubt is a killer! The game employs a playfully, simple illustrated style; line-work based, with striking spots of colour. The music was centered around a single electric-guitar-driven composition. The game combines economic use of text with visual story-telling.  
Wednesday, September 9

6:00pm PDT

Thursday, September 10

10:00am PDT

Friday, September 11

10:00am PDT

Saturday, September 12

10:00am PDT