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Booth Main Exhibition
Evan Greenwood, Jason Sutherland

Criquette is a two button/two player distillation of the popular sport "Cricket". It's been translated into a digital format so that millions of people, who don't have access to specialized sporting equipment and large open spaces, can play cricket at home, in bed, or even during their daily commute. Every expense has been spared regarding the realism of the cricket simulation in Criquette. No actual cricketeers have been contacted, and no one on the development team has ever hit a six, but should this game be accepted into Amaze we will be seeking out the Cricket Council of South Africa for their input and (presumable) endorsement. Criquette is still in the early stages of development. The plan is, should it be accepted into Amaze, that a modest custom controller will be built. One that enriches the simulacrum of the beloved game "Cricket".
Wednesday, September 9

6:00pm PDT

Thursday, September 10

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Friday, September 11

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Saturday, September 12

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