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Bionic Bliss

Booth Main Exhibition
Team Lazerbeam

Bionic Bliss is a game about navigating the depressing, absurd and (if you make it) funny world of customer service in the year 2312. Take the role of Employee 852 as you play through a day in his life. Deal with disgruntled cybernetic-limb-recipients! Will you help them with their problems or treat them as your personal play-things? The choice is yours! Bionic Bliss features state of the art cyberpunk graphix, futuristic beatz and 6 customer interactions that give way to one of a five potential endings!
Wednesday, September 9

6:00pm PDT

Thursday, September 10

10:00am PDT

Friday, September 11

10:00am PDT

Saturday, September 12

10:00am PDT