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Thursday, September 10 • 10:00am - 9:00pm
A MAZE. Main Exhibition

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avatar for Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

BoneloafGang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters, brutal mêlée fight sequences, and absurdly hazardous environments. Set in the fictional metropolis of Beef City
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Bionic Bliss

Team LazerbeamBionic Bliss is a game about navigating the depressing, absurd and (if you make it) funny world of customer service in the year 2312. Take the role of Employee 852 as you play through a day in his life. Deal with disgruntled cybernetic-limb-recipients! Will you help... Read More →
avatar for Boxer


Cukia Kimani, Ben Crooks, University of the WitswatersrandBoxer, is a top down boxing game played using only the analogue sticks -- and without all that boring 'moving' stuff in the way. Boxer strips out all the boredom of boxing and gives you what you really wanted to see in the... Read More →
avatar for Cloud Chaser

Cloud Chaser

Blindflug StudiosExperience Cloud Chasers, a randomly generated, steampunky journey about the lifes and hardships of immigration. Welcome to a world of flying islands, cloud harvesters and perilous sands. You follow Francisco and Amelia on their quest of reaching the spire across... Read More →
avatar for Snow Cones

Snow Cones

Team LazerbeamOur aim with this game was to make a cute but moving dating sim involving two icecream-cones and a perfectly snowy day. The artwork is very organic and loose, rendered in a playful digitally painted style. The music centers around recordings of live acoustic guitar... Read More →
avatar for Criquette


Evan Greenwood, Jason SutherlandCriquette is a two button/two player distillation of the popular sport "Cricket". It's been translated into a digital format so that millions of people, who don't have access to specialized sporting equipment and large open spaces, can play cricket... Read More →
avatar for Curtain


Llaura McGeeCURTAIN is an interactive first-person narrative about Kaci & Ally, two women in a Glasgow punk band, which explores the complexities of an emotionally abusive relationship.Through a vivid impressionistic art style players embody Ally to explore the physical spaces of... Read More →
avatar for Deep


Niki Smit and Owen HarrisDEEP is a meditative and psychoactive VR game that is controlled by breathing. Players don the Oculus Rift and the custom DEEP controller to explore a beautiful and mysterious undersea world. Allow the game to sweep you into its relaxing embrace as it teaches... Read More →
avatar for Desperation


Rodain Joubert, Stefan Van Der Vegte, Jonathan Hau-JoonA game about the cost of violence. In "Desperation", players are encouraged to view violence as ugly, threatening and a last resort -- from beginning to end. The game attempts to step away from the common gaming trope of glorifying... Read More →
avatar for Trip the Light Fantastic

Trip the Light Fantastic

Raxterworks, Free LivesTrip the Light Fantastic is a meditative virtual reality game about exploring a vast, ever changing fractal lightscape. Set in a universe of light and sound, it is an abstract experience that uses VR to immerse the player is an experience that is unfamiliar... Read More →
avatar for Beats of Fury

Beats of Fury

Bubble Head Games, German University in CairoBeats of fury is a musical game where you have to fight against the crazy beats with your glorious music to crash them, it's a unique experience where you will feel every note and every beat in the music!
avatar for Dead Run T-Shirt Game

Dead Run T-Shirt Game

Steven TuThe Dead Run T-shirt game is a game on a t-shirt, with mechanics directly inspired by the Dead Run mobile game. The t-shirt wearer is the Master of the Dead, and any number of players may play as Zombie Shooters. Kill Zombies - Not Humans! Rules are on the shirt itself... Read More →
avatar for Let it go

Let it go

Lisa Chen, University of the WitswatersrandThis is an abstract digital game made up of triangles. The player plays as a four sided triangle trying to get through a maze of triangles. The player triangle is made up of four different colours. The maze is made up of the same colour triangles... Read More →
avatar for Gyre


Bracken Hall, University of the WitswatersrandGyre is a puzzle platform game in which the player must traverse a circular level in order to reach the centre, collect the diamond, and win. The player has mostly no direct interaction with the elements in the level but for directing... Read More →
avatar for Happy Hockey

Happy Hockey

SaftladenA game about playing Ice-Hockey with your friends, lots of your friends, up to 80 of your friends.
avatar for Holez


Omar Abdul Rahman, Cairo UniversityIt's a physics puzzle game where you can place launchers by tapping the orbit where you want to add them, and you can delete them by holding the mouse on them and swiping to the center of the orbit they attached to.
avatar for Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Kiro'o GamesAurion, is an epic action RPG , set in a wonderful African Fantasy world, with a unique, open and dynamic fighting gameplay.
avatar for Luminare


Francois van NiekerkLuminare is an inductive logic game about trying to figure out a hidden rule. Rules can start simple with “White groups contain a red symbol,” and progress to “White groups must contain a red triangle or a circle but not both,” or “Black groups have a... Read More →
avatar for Mergazerds


Ruan Rothmann and Neall AdamsMergazerds is a 2-8 player cooperative-"competitive" Zerd battle simulation. Players in teams of 1-4 each take control of a Zerd, a massive Power Rangers inspired battle robot, to do battle with the opposing team to decide who will be saviour of the city... Read More →
avatar for Noumenon


Andrea Hayes, Arnaud De Marginy,University of WitwatersrandNoumenon is an abstract game that allows the player to create and alter a character's personality through the way in which they interact with Rorschach test (ink blot test) within the game. Through recorded dialogue with voice... Read More →
avatar for A pile of sand in the ocean

A pile of sand in the ocean

Jonatan Van HoveA pile of sand in the ocean is an interactive piece that you can put together, take apart, and leave or lose a bit of yourself in. Dig through the sand to see what you'll find. Scour the beach for treasure, the desert for shade. Build a sandcastle and wait for the... Read More →
avatar for Raptor Polo

Raptor Polo

Ben Myres, Cukia Kimani, Sean Goncalves, Luc Wolthers, Adam Linder, University of WitwatersrandA local multiplayer game about Orcs riding raptors, using each other as balls to play polo. All set in the retro-future-past that never was.
avatar for Polygenics


Clockwork AcornIn Polygenics you’re breeding creatures with various attributes, to try and breed towards a specific goal. You do this by selecting two creatures to breed, which causes a new generation to spawn.
avatar for Punk Prism Power

Punk Prism Power

Alica Contestabile, Sagan Yee, Lindy Wilkins, Nadine Lessio, Jenn WoodalPunk Prism Power is a Magical Girl multiplayer party game with custom peripherals, kick ass moves, and blinky lights.
avatar for Error Prone

Error Prone

Peter Cardwell-Gardner, Mark BacklerCreated in 12 hours for #TrafikJam, the winning entry  Error-Prone is cute little game of chaos and carnage made for 26 people to play around one keyboard. The end result illustrates perfectly how self driving cars are vastly superior to their... Read More →
avatar for Pizza Quest

Pizza Quest

Team LazerbeamPizza quest throws the player into the deep end – a choice of three paths. From there on out, the game tries at every turn to make the player wonder if they've made the wrong choice, if they should maybe turn back. In reality, a happy ending lies at the end of every... Read More →
avatar for SADCAT


Is That A HorseSADCAT is a 2D perspective-based platformer in a 3D world that puts you in control of a cat with seasonal affective disorder exploring the emotions that the seasons can bring. SADCAT employs VR in a unique way that is difficult to describe and even more difficult to... Read More →
avatar for Sentree


GlichnapHave you ever wondered which of your friends could protect you with their eyes closed? Find out in Sentree - a cooperative, physical mobile game for 2 or more players about helping each other survive through the night in a dark, unfriendly forest. 
avatar for Ludum Dare Simulator

Ludum Dare Simulator

Richard PieterseLudum Dare Simulator is an interactive video diary documenting my life over the weekend of the Ludum Dare game jam. The aim was to capture both the strangeness and relatability of life in a dev house and create a little time capsule for myself.
avatar for Thunder Slap

Thunder Slap

Benjamin Crooks, Nicholas Lambropoulos, Seanan De Lange, Sachin Laloo, Kenrick James,University of Witwatersrand
avatar for Soundself


Robin ArnottSoundself is the collision of centuries old meditation technologywith video game trance. Turn off the lights, amp up the volume, and use your voice to fall through an odysessy of light and body.


Muema Masyuko
avatar for Alone Together

Alone Together

Aidan Cammell & Raheel Hassim, University of the WitswatersrandAlone Together, is a narrative game that encourages each player to understand the story in their own unique way. The player assumes the role of two characters, seemingly alone in an empty world. As the two characters... Read More →
avatar for Symmetric Torpedo

Symmetric Torpedo

Francois van NiekerkKill or be killed in a submarine-on-submarine battle. Your torpedoes have a panel you can edit. Make this panel as symmetric as possible to boost the torpedo’s damage and accuracy.
avatar for Arcade Finger Twister

Arcade Finger Twister

Ryan Mazzolini, Ivo Sissolak, Ben RauschArcade Finger Twister is an arcade-like take on the old family favourite game Twister, and inspired by the mobile hit Fingle. In the game two players compete with one another by jamming their fingers together on an intimate array of arcade-style... Read More →
avatar for Whisp


Tiane Erwee, Raheel Hassim,University of WitwatersrandThe game takes place in a geometric, bouncy and dynamic environment. The colour palette is based on the Karoo, a semi-desert landscape with cloudless skies. The objective of the game is to collect five rings, randomly located on... Read More →
avatar for Line Wobbler

Line Wobbler

Robin BaumgartenLine Wobbler is a one-dimensional dungeon crawler game with a custom wobble controller made out of a door-stopper spring and a five meter long ultrabright LED strip display.

Thursday September 10, 2015 10:00am - 9:00pm PDT
Roof 111 Smit Street

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